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Markana Santa Fe is located in a largely developed area of New Mexico. Twenty-seven apartment buildings are arranged around a perimeter drive. Apartment buildings are composed of three types connected by covered breezeways. Two-story carriage units consist of a single-story living space atop garages, three-story “B Units”, and two-story “C Units”. These units are combined and connected by breezeways in various configurations throughout the complex to make four distinct building types. Along the eastern property line, carriage units as a buffer against the Walmart property. The bulk of the apartment buildings are three-story, including those that front Richards Avenue. Additionally, there is a fitness center building, a leasing and management office, and a pool ramada. All buildings have earth tone stucco finishes and are designed with flat roofs and parapets in adobe style, with the exception of the fitness center, which is a single-story structure with an angled, flat roof. Buildings use a variety of offsets, recessed balconies, and differing parapet heights to break up massing.

Location: Santa Fe, NM

Number of Floors: 2 and 3 story options

Number of Units: 180


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